What We Believe


What We Believe

Simply put...

We believe that God loves us and created us to be in relationship with Him. We, however, rebel against God and go in our own direction. Jesus came to rescue us, and it is only through faith in His life, death and resurrection that God saves us and we are restored to relationship with Him. We cannot earn a relationship with Him no matter what we may do. In the same way, we grow closer in our relationship with Him by trusting Him more.

We believe:

We believe that God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe. There is one God, who eternally exists in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Each Person is eternally equal in power and glory.

We believe that Jesus is fully God, and He came to earth and became fully man as well. We believe in His miraculous virgin birth, His perfect life, His death on the cross for our sins and His resurrection from the dead. It is only through Him that we have access to the Father.

We believe that, through faith, our sin was paid for by Jesus’ death and resurrection and that, in exchange, we are given His righteousness. This exchange does not take place due to any good works we may do. Once we enter a relationship with God, the goal of that relationship is to continue to trust Him more. The things that we do are important, but only in how they reflect what we believe.

We believe the Bible is God-breathed – that while it was written by human authors, these authors were carried along by the Holy Spirit, so that their words were the very words of God. Because it is God’s Word, it is without error and is the final authority for faith and life. It is God’s instruction manual, telling us how we can have a relationship with Him and how we are designed to function.        

 We believe that Jesus is coming again and that there will be a judgment. Heaven and hell are real places. We were created to exist forever and this life is only the beginning.

Newtown Reformed Church...

is a part of the Alliance of Reformed Churches. The Alliance affirms a number of creeds and confessions that summarize what we believe. These are wonderful tools, though they do not take the place of the Bible, which is our final authority. You can learn more about our creeds and confessions at: https://arc21.org/organizational-convictions