What to Expect


What to Expect

At Newtown Reformed Church, you will find a warm group of authentic people dedicated to knowing Jesus Christ.

Worship Services

Sunday worship begins at 10:00 am. Services typically last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The first 25 minutes or so typically consist or worship and a time of prayer. The next 35-40 minutes are a Bible based message that is relevant to life today. Each service concludes with worship songs as well. After the service, coffee and light refreshments are served. We do take an offering every week, but this is only intended for those who are regular attendees at NRC. We do not expect or even ask visitors and newcomers to give.


The songs we sing are mostly contemporary songs with a few traditional hymns mixed in. Our primary concern is that the songs we sing accurately reflect who God truly is and how we honestly relate to Him. And while each of us have a different level of musical ability, our songs are designed to be easy to sing.


The atmosphere at Newtown Reformed Church tends towards being casual. This includes everything from how most people dress to the conversational style of the sermons to the interaction over coffee and refreshments.