About Us


About Us

It is our belief that our lives are to be centered around Christ – knowing Him, being changed by Him, sharing Him with others - loving as He loves. Everything we do is centered around Him.

Our Vision:

To Know Jesus

It starts with a commitment to uncompromising Biblical preaching from the pulpit and continues with a focus on study and programs that focus on and strengthen the faith of individuals and families.

To be Changed by Jesus

Jesus came that we would be saved through His sacrifice on the cross and have eternal life. We are committed to taking God’s word and calling seriously and will encourage one another to accept and respond to this free gift, being changed by Him that we may bring glory to God.

To Share Jesus

Jesus knows that we live in a hurting world that needs Him. We are committed to discipleship and evangelism through missions and ministry at all levels and areas that put us in contact with those who do not know Jesus in order that we can make Him known.

Love as Jesus Loves

We are a church family that seeks to reflect the face of Jesus to those we meet. We are committed to sharing the love of Jesus in all we do and all we are. We recognize that all of us are sinners in need of a Savior, and therefore we seek to love everyone bring Jesus into their lives.